Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MJF on Frontline: Say What?

I admire, appreciate, and cherish Michael J. Fox, but when he says (on the Frontline program) that he wouldn't go back to where he was before Parkinson's, each and every dopamine-producing cell in my brain, all three of them, scream in protest. If I had that choice, I'd jettison every scrap of silver lining: the wisdom I've accumulated, the courage I've mustered, the empathy I've developed, the knowledge I've acquired, the friends I've made. To get rid of this disease? I'd do it in an instant. I wouldn't think twice.


Nic said...

I suppose it depends on 'where' he was before PD.

Kathleen said...

@nic: True! Though at diagnosis he was 30 years old, remarkably athletic,and wildly successful as an actor. Of course, that was all on the surface. Maybe Parkinson's matured him, though age does that too -- sometimes. :-)

Reading Matter

  • David Howes, editor. Empire of the Senses: The Sensual Culture Reader. NY: Berg, 2005.